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Fiction :21 year old virgin the prequel to 40 year old virgin

I am Josie Geller (sigh)

Obviously I’m not really her (haven’t you met me ) ,but rather I am similar to the geeky awkward journalist from the movie never been kissed.

Josie and I are similar .Just like her ,I have blown out all twenty-one candles of my birthday cake and still have never been kissed .You probably thinking what is wrong with this pathetic excuse of a girl-does she have Ebola  or maybe she is a toothless faceless African girl with more curves than sense .

I am guilty as charged since I don’t have that neck length mane of blonde hair but I do have her pudgy demeanor which I blame on my love of food –especially nicely marinated huge chunk of a road runner (huku yechiboyi ) but we are alike in that we have never had our toes curl in that magical moment (sigh ) .

Me and Josie are so different yet so similar

I have found that I am more than the meaning of the word shy;I find myself talking about books no sane person has read and movies that everyone saw ages ago .Don’t get me started ,no-one ever gets the cheesy dorky sayings on my t-shirts ,so I have decided to fake being dumb for a duration that is entirely dependent on the social gathering.

I am so scared to tell my Tete that I have zero experience with guys and I mean zero as in null .Unlike Josie who actually went on a date and eventually bagged her hunk of English goodness ,I have never held a guys hand.My over analytical self is scared of palm-to-palm just in case my palms decides to sweat it out and embarrass me .

I bet you dying to know what happens to me …well….

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