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Dear Future Husband

My dearest hubby ,Even as I write this letter ,I know it will be a second (not that second ) before you read it –if I ever mention it .I do know I’ll tuck it away; the  words on it are more of a prayer ,meant for the good Lord more than you my darling .A part of me wishes that maybe in the scribbling ,these words may somehow find themselves  in your heart ;who am I kidding my prayer life hasn’t extended that  far  yet .

I don’t know how to refer to you –to me you still a nameless, faceless unknown entity that could as well be Extra Terrestrial lol. But I did see you several times –in a love song, a romantic movie and a woven together love story written by another romantic for the heartstrings lover you will one day call ‘wifey’.

I am waiting for you .Not waiting ,in the sense that I’ll be marking dates off my calendar before you show up  or looking for you in every tall guy I happen to meet –please  be tall . I hope you know that I’m doing my best to wait for you and not looking knee high for you in every guy I come across .Darling, it ain’t an easy gig waiting for an unknown and trying to wait patiently. If you must know, puberty came a longgg time ago and cute guys obviously became a hit (I must have gotten a cute-o-meter) and hormones and the occasional date –not so easy. But I am trying!

I don’t expect you to be perfect because I am not but I expect you to understand that I will always be eating something (yes I am a foodie) and I will always have one too many bottles of hand sanitizer because I’m germ phobic .I pray you understand that they are days when I am high on the air and I am the Mary Poppins of cleaning and then they are days when the couch is the only thing I want to see.

I hope wherever you are, you know that somewhere, somehow there is someone praying for you and I am kind of hoping you are praying for me too. I pray that you know and love Jesus as well and I hope you have actually occasionally read your bible .I am not expecting you to waltz in my life with a ten bed-roomed house ,eight cars, three dogs and a six figure salary (rolling my eyes).All I pray is that when we do meet, we will care for each other and God’s love will be evident to those we meet.

I can’t wait to be the one that you confide in, the one that will see you cry and the one that you will share this longest walk called life with.

Till our paths cross

Your Future Wifey

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