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The Hook Up


“There is someone I want you to meet, you will like him”

I kindly declined

Well, you single and a little desperate to be baed-up, what’s wrong with meeting him?!”

She kept nagging until I had no option than to agree to the hook up.

Compared to all of Mickey’s friends, Loud mouth is about the dullest person on Earth, maybe right behind my third cousin who was completely mesmerized by handwriting that he would not accept anything less than a handwritten card for Christmas .I just didn’t see why Mickey was convinced that we would make a perfect pair –we were as different as light was to darkness.

I was supposed to be grateful that he was male, he would be a suitable date to brunch than my ten year old nephew, and he definitely would fit in because he was just so charming (so they said).   A part of me (like a huge chunk of me) compares him to a half done egg when he is not creeping staring into my eyes but as soon as the thought hits me –I start quoting scripture like ‘hameno’.

Is it acceptable to write about him in my diary? Sometimes I find it a little weird that I write about him because he bores me to tears. Instead of being happy that a guy was showing interest in me like I always thought I would be, I suddenly feel sad and overwhelmed. I am not sure what I’m not ready for, but I don’t think I am ready .Being in a relationship is pretty cool, but settling for someone sounds like a twelve hour job with no salary.

How do you tell your friend that the hook up isn’t going as well as in her head? Am I bad person for not vibing with him ?

One thought on “The Hook Up

  1. This and the previous read just brought a quote on I saw on the Twitter streets…
    “Fall in love with someone who understands your love language and you wont have to spend a lifetime translating your soul”


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