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Scribbles from the heart : Fear Vs Faith

Anyone can make a list of all the things that they fear . We have been doing it since we could tie our shoelaces with our little chubby hands .  For me few things scare me more than  dying -unsaved ,unrepentant and unfulfilled . If you had asked me a few months ago how strong my faith was ,I would have said “like everybody Else’s”  but now i am inclined to answer “it’s lukewarm ” -how hilarious .

Up until this point in my life, I hadn’t experienced much hardship,suffering or  pain . But a few weeks back ,I hit rock bottom  .My body acted up and i am pretty sure death might have pointed its blaring headlights at me ready to start the engine and take me out . I was more than worried that i would spend my birthday in a coffin somewhere but Grace carried me here.

This pain my body is enduring is  bringing me to my knees  in almost every way  everyday .I am drained mentally ,physically and spiritually . In the midst of it all ,i am reminded that no man can serve two masters and thus I choose faith .

Someone blessed me with Kenneth Hagin’s book “The Believers Authority ” and it is completely revamping my life .I thank God that he blesses us  through others and his word hidden in our hearts comforts us when trials come . Doesn’t the good book state that “your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path “-Psalm 119:105.

I don’t know how my body will go back to its original state or how i will have peace of mind but i do know that my God will never leave me.

Faith always tramples fear .

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