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Fitness Diary : Workout Rumblings

A few years ago, I could rock a crop top (if it existed) without cringing or wishing on a shooting star for the perfect flat tummy (Victoria Secret Types ) but that all changed a few months ago when I woke up and saw what everyone calls ‘belly fat’ ,I almost fainted  .

I have always hated working out .I didn’t and still don’t find pleasure in working up a good sweat .Now ,with three days completed of a thirty day abs workout and a fourth day around the corner ,I feel more deserving now to call myself fitness bae .

Working out is hard and I never have a day when I am looking forward to it .In fact ,sometimes not hitting the snooze button is harder than completing 25 sit-ups ( especially when it’s raining   and the temperatures are anything than ideal ) and I kid you not .

Please don’t judge me ,but I work out because I love my body .It’s not vanity but I do .When I work out ,it’s not for revenge or the ideal summer body –it’s for me . It’s hard working out especially if you busier than Nanny McPhee so I am going to share a few things that drive me to wake up and sweat it up-i call these my workout tools.

  1. Have a workout schedule – I always plan out my entire workout the night before  so I don’t wake up and I just waste 5 mins standing coz I can’t decide what to do . Sometimes I just follow a video tutorial thanks YouTube and I love fitness blender a lot.
  2. Reward yourself after a workout –I reward myself weekly either with chocolate, a TV-show marathon or a good book (yep, I am kind of a nerd).
  3. Dress up – I believe that if you dressed up for the gym you get results. Working out for me is a pink tank top, black leggings and grey sneakers…You just have to look like the ‘fitness babe’


What works out for you ?

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