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Tales of a not-so-expecting somebody

I was hit with a train a week ago .Apparently ,rumor around the block was I was pregnant and that’s why I was constantly drinking Maheu . This rumor was fueled by my ‘PMS bump’ and was met with a resounding deafening NOPE .

Here’s the thing .I got a PMS  bump (i can’t control Aunt Flo)  and I just recently discovered Maheu Buttermilk – I am in love . Kids are great  of coz and i would want to have them in the near future . I am a twenty something lady with no stable job yet and no degree ! I am nowhere near baby making ;I still need to enjoy the ‘cookie’ (oops I said it) . To make it worse ,I still get argue over the pettiest things like KFC everyday makes sense and ice cream is therapeutic.I am not ready for kids -so please Maheu don’t make me a mother yet .

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