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He Really Is Not Into Me

Full Disclosure:  This blog post is likely going to offend someone out there (I am sorry)

A few months ago, I met this guy at my favorite bookshop  and we started chatting about Harper Lee. He was charming, witty and adorable. We discussed boring book titles  that we were both irked with  and pizza toppings that should be chocolate .We exchanged numbers like two long lost friends and then two weeks down the line, he suggested that we meet up at for pizza  and I was quick to agree that I was up for that (oops).

Spoiler alert :we never met for that pizza .We continued chatting and I never brought it up but I made up thirty thousand reasons why he didn’t ever follow through with the pizza date . They ranged from “he’s busy with work”, “he’s doesn’t want to seem too eager”, “he probably fell down the stairs, bumped his head, broke his jaw and has a wire in his mouth and his teeth fell out so he can’t handle being seen by anyone . Let’s face it ,sometimes the signs are right there staring at you but we would rather stare at our phones and make up 10 000 reasons why he hasn’t asked you out .

Ugh. As it turns out, he met a pretty lady with flawless skin that I reckon has no idea who Harper Lee is . I will admit my heart was saddened  and I might have felt a little jealous of the new lady (please don’t judge me too harshly) . Eventually I did make up a list of signs to look out for when a guy doesn’t feel you at all .

  1. You.have to constantly reach out to him 

A person makes TIME for what is important to them, they just do.

2. You’re always wondering.

If he was interested he would have told you and you wouldn’t have to feel like you doing  a calculus class every time you think about whether he likes you or not .

3. He never hits you up to hang out during the day, only at midnight and early morning 

Why does he even think about you at midnight LOL

4. He’s open with you about other women.

That level of  disrespect y’all ..HAMENO. The reality is that men bring up other women to emphasize that they aren’t that serious about you.

5. He is always busy 

He is most probably saving the world right next to Batman right ?

How can you ever tell if someone isn’t into you ?

2 thoughts on “He Really Is Not Into Me

  1. The number one sign for me is that they don’t know where you fit into your life. Like, guys are hunters people, if he is into you he will place a firm position in your life and you won’t even doubt what you guys are about.
    I’m sorry he had to fall for someone else, you will meet someone who will not only fall but topple all over just for you 🙂


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