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Everything is Better when you Laughing


The year is almost over ! It’s been quite a year . To celebrate the whirlwind that has been 2017 ,I have decided to share my most embarrassing,cringe worthy and oops moments . So, grab the popcorn,a glass of wine , pull up a chair and prepare to LOL at my expense .

  1. The Autocorrect Mishap

It was the night of the family dinner and I was busy cooking and I didn’t think twice about what I had typed . My aunt had asked me what i was cooking for dinner and I replied “meatballs” and the auto correct boogeyman turned meatballs to  “my balls “. My family has never made me forget that fateful night and its quite hilarious now but it wasn’t the night of the auto correct .

2.  Walking Dead Extra 

Where do I even begin with this one ? Well I had this guy I had my eye on and the only time he came to town was when I had pox and you know that calamine lotion can do a number on you .So I jumped out ,completely covered from head to toe and my excuse was that I was doing intense yoga .But the thing with chicken pox is that it hates heat so I started heating up like a chicken wing on the stove and the itch was real .I had no choice but to remove my yoga outfit and reveal a very white Anci and all i could do was say “surprise”.

3.  Butt First Pride Later 

The one day I decide to ride a bike after about 6 years of having not been on one -I fell. You remember that creepy doll that rides a tricycle in those Saw films ? Yeah – well that is exactly what I almost looked like (I think) when I rode past the neighborhood’s fittest squad .I shouldn’t have looked back coz then I would have seen that one stone that was out to get me . I fell butt first and pride later in front of the neighborhood hottie and I wasn’t getting up till my brother came to get me with a fake bandage (lol)

4. Torn Dress and it wasn’t a horny man

I have no idea how that happened even up to now .I was working the switchboard at work and it was a windy morning and I looked like any bored 9 to 5 adult lol .All I did was stand up to open the window and I  bent down to get a pen and all I heard was my dignity shredding into two. I did give my workmate a view of my undergarments but with the last ounce of my pride, I went to the ladies and used my 5th grade sewing skills to sow my dignity.

Can i get a do-over tho ?


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