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Dear 2018

Dear 2018,

Here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure you’re out there. Somewhere. Hiding behind a rock? Busy waiting for midnight so you can make an entrance like the diva you are ? No? Yes? Maybe you’re just chilled and waiting to unleash whatever you have in store for me . I just wanted to write to you to tell you that I am waiting for you. I’m waiting for you but before we get acquainted I need to set the record straight -there are some things we need to talk about and leave behind in 2017 (don’t get me wrong your cousin served me the good and the bad ) . So I made a list  of things I wish to accomplish and  things I wish to never encounter in the new year .


  1. Things I wish to leave behind 
  • My addiction to spicy chicken wings
  • Couch potato tendencies
  • Toxic Friendships ( Jake’s I will never let go scenario’s need to stop and I finally have to let go *sob*)
  • Guys that  always pull the ‘send me nudes’ text every morning .Please, there are more creative ways to sext (learn them) and waking up to a picture of your junk staring at me at 5 in the morning needs to go.
  • Skipping church
  • Ignoring me time -Of coz I can’t afford a day at the spa but staying indoors with Madam Secretary counts
  • signing up for four book clubs
  • Daydreaming about moving to Joburg to find my Qhawe

2.  Things I hope to accomplish 

  • workout
  • learn a new language
  • attend church youth meetings
  • Travel
  • start a healthy lifestyle ( I am still not having a spinach smoothie )
  • Take care of myself mentally
  • take my dogs for walks often

So in a few hours we going to meet and we either going to love each other or hate each other but the truth is we are stuck with each other .But before I go and pretend to dress up for our date in a few hours .Please tell  2017 that I am thankful for the following :

  • Life -God surely kept me even when I thought pox had finally gotten me
  • My family -their support ,hilarity and love was so warming
  • My squad – I am keeping those girls around coz one day I am going to need bridesmaid lol
  • My twin – she had to be everything I wasn’t but nevertheless she stood by me
  • Decor Addict – I have always been a lover of sleep.I was a professional napper till I retired at the age of 12 so being surrounded by pillows everyday was a dream come true .
  • Mazuva – I was never ready for it .
  • My job – 2017 was so nice that he gave me a cool gig that came with cool ,funny and talented peeps with it .
  • My 2nd daughter – I didn’t give birth to her physically but i was there the whole nine yards . She is Zulu and I am Shona. I have only been to Johannesburg once *sob*  but she is mine (okay she is my friend’s).
  • My babies – 20 years in dog’s years of friendship what more can I ask for .

So here we are ,you hiding and me not yet ready for you but we got to do this .

See ya soon


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