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Are You There ,Sanity?It’s Me, Ancillar

Sanity ? Are you there ? And if you are ,are you paying any attention to what’s been happening in my life ? I have become a godmother for the fourth time (why do people trust me with their kids lol),my  friend is madly in love with her man that she forgot to pick grams at the airport (that was some major gymnastics going on in those white sheets) ,my boss is going through an emotional I appreciate you midlife crisis ,my dog was called fat ,I skipped church last Sunday and the guy I wasn’t supposed to fall for happens to be someone who doesn’t want anything to do with me -it seems I don’t quite fit his image well (he does models and caramel skin and not black coffee). *sigh*

I now totally understand why the Israelite’s wandered out in the desert for forty days and forty nights -they were lessons to be learned and of coz they needed the me time. One of the many problems with Harare is that there are no deserts nearby and so if you simply want me time all you have to do is skip town ,switch off your phone and change your name to Hamundizive (I kid) . People will never leave you alone if you simple decide to go quiet ,messages ranging from “What’s wrong?” to “Are you okay” start dropping into your phone more than “Babe I miss you”.

Sometimes people forget that I also need forehead kisses ,foot rubs and someone to just bring over pizza and wine and so thus I have decided to take care of me for  once -hopefully it will be an iconic experience like Julia Robert’s character in ‘Eat,Pray,Love’ .I am kinda excited and of coz I am not disappearing in a desert somewhere.

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