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Confessions of a Snackaholic

I have a confession to make. I am a snackaholic . Not  the snackaholic weirdo that shares the corner office with you and always has bread crumbs with honey syrup stuck on their face (like gross argh ). If you are not familiar with that guy (you are so lucky ),it’s time I introduced you to someone -when I think about it ,this could be the perfect first pager on my imaginary biography .

My name is Ancillar and I have a problem. Actually I have 96 problems and if you count the three packets of  cookies in my snack drawer ,the candy bars in my bag and the doughnut in my hand  , I would say I have  99 problems .


You probably cringing at that confession but I did mention when we met that I was a foodie and you probably thought I had gone bonkers . I love my food and I enjoy a good snack when I can get my hands in my pocket long enough to grab some food -half the time my hands catch my phone and that sucks for the inner Snack Queen .

So that we clear : I do not have an all eat foodie card .I do not have any snack rewards from any company that isn’t my mother’s kitchen . I do not have any expensive snacks or any very pricey snacks But here’s what I have : a lot of snacks .A lot . I have a lot of snack-worthy yummy drool-inducers snacks from Lobels ,Pascall,Bakers  and I recently decided to try Arenel biscuits (we on a trial basis).

I have decided that someone out there needs to tell candy companies on my behalf or just maybe Willy Wonka to give me a ticket to the Chocolate Factory like I am amazing and I could probably bring you my chocolate fairy some coz i am sweet like that (inserts imaginary wink emoji).

So I have decided to try and only consume healthy snacks and see how it goes .The good part is that I will document it here and you can laugh at my expense .

Till later today loves ……..

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