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I Need My Money

What is wrong with people that borrow money from me ? No,no,hang on .not all of them .I’m talking about the ones that borrow and don’t bother to switch on that I-owe-her-money light in their minds and actually pay back .

Hey,bad debtors .

What is wrong in your life that you have to go and borrow money that you cannot pay back ?And know what makes it worse ? You are my friends ! There is nothing as annoying as watching your friend buy a new pair of shoes (there I said it Margaret) while I wait patiently for  that sms notification from my bank.

“Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need most.”
-American Proverb

Whoever came up with that quote is a genius .I wish someone had the guts to print this and mail it to a friend of mine (she needs saving grace ).  I had to rant because I have 3 reasons why  this debtor business is driving me crazy  (who doesn’t want their money ?)

  1. Every time I kneel down to pray , I have to reserve  at least two minutes of my time to pray for those that owe me money .Relax Margaret ! I am not praying a prayer of punishment but I am praying for their lives to be longggggg so I can I can get my money .While I am it ,I have to pray that my life is long so I can actually get my money.Nothing drives me nuts than thinking I will die before my debtors and they will use the money to buy cheap flowers to put on my grave.
  2. Whenever my phone vibrates, there’s that mini almost panic attack gig going down while I anticipate that balance sms . The longer they take to pay me back ,the higher my chances of developing major anxiety .
  3. I have to constantly lie to you that I do not have money so that I keep my sanity .I do not enjoy lying (who knows when the rapture will occur ?) -I am pretty scared of judgement day showing up in the midst of me lying my ass of .Where do you get the guts to ask for more money when you owe ?

How do you deal with a friend that owes you money but won’t stop asking for more ?

4 thoughts on “I Need My Money

  1. I once read a book that says…when a friend asks for money or something valuable, make sure you’ll be okay with not getting it back. If you don’t care, give them but if you really want it back….ummmmh

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  2. Shame sisi, Margreth really hurt you eh?
    I feel you, I knew never to loan out money and for a long long time I always said no but January came along and you know how it goes, now it’s June and I’m still texting them to remind them to pay me back, sigh. It’s all we do now, no more nice long stories l, just texting about money. It really can ruin friendships.

    But why can’t people be responsible and pay us back on time?


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