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Unlucky In Love

Here’s the thing about Mr Right :He probably doesn’t exist .The truth is ,you could grow old sitting around waiting for Mr Right .

That didn’t come out right .What I meant to say is that waiting to accidentally run into ‘The One’  on a normal day in a queue in OK ,or waiting to bump into the one that has your heart skipping a beat at the SPCA is likely to not happen at all . Well,if you do decide to try your luck and wait for the one ,let’s just agree you’re going to be waiting awhile .

Me?I don’t wait around for the dashing handsome prince to show up in his overalls to sweep me off my feet .I don’t believe lady luck is in the love business.Ever since I walked in on my uncle showering -I have come to the realization that luck is for the Irish and everyone else that isn’t me .

I have never been able to link the two together but three years ago ,the luckiest guy on the planet (mine that is ) temporarily borrowed a friend’s sweater and six months later they died.They have never been able to keep a job ever since or get a decent person to at least want to date them.

I am quite a superstitious being ( roll your eyes already) thus when I decided to try my luck at this love thing again -I mistakenly sent waves to the universe during a conversation with a friend about my need  to bae up .

In my next life I should be Irish (LOL) ,I  got what i wished for and it wasn’t exactly what i needed .  Instead of a handsome cup of coffee ,I encountered an insecure ,ready-to-jump ‘anyone’s bones’ rude cold cup of coffee .

My phone was lighting up with the wrong kind of fire and it was scaring the little luck we all have when our parents take us to the priest and get us Christened . How did my wish for  a hot cup of coffee end up with me singing along to “If I was your man” while sipping one-too-many glasses of wine on a cold May Evening .

Am I unlucky in love ? or just lucked out ?

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