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For most of my school year, I was the ‘most likely to become a  neurosurgeon”girl. I was the teacher’s pet, a regular patient at the library and the girl you turned to when you were over your mum’s peanut butter sandwich (because I always had a stash of zadza dama’s in my pocket) girl. Till one winter morning when this guy showed up. Don’t get excited, I was ten and not interested in guys at all -was still on the boys are gross stage. He looked harmless till exam time when he dethroned me from my throne *sob sob* and I became number 2.

You can imagine what happened next -I cried myself up a little Mukuvisi and almost decided to skip the prize giving ceremony that year. This boy was the end of my reign for I ended my primary school second best and I made a promise to never see this guy ever again (so I thought).

I honestly thought that I never would, I mean in a country with over 10 million people my chances were pretty low.But here is the thing about HURT -he doesn’t forget. So there I was excited, hungry and eagerly waiting to see my BFF’s new bae -like forget the royal wedding this is exciting I thought.

The door opens, letting in a rush of cool sunshine city air.I quickly move my hands under the counter.Meeting your friend’s bae for the first time with sticky fingers is a definite no.I look up at the guy who just walked in. Yeah, no doubt about it.It’s definitely him.

“Ouch,” I say as he walks towards us. It is him! He is the guy that dethroned me and the same guy I never wanted to see.

“Hi” I clear my throat waiting for him to recognize me.It’s been 15 years. My hair is a little longer, I am a little taller and have probably lost a few kilos. But Zviko looks exactly the same.My heart is going off like a launched rocket.My hands are shaking and I have the urge to pee (where did that come from?).

H smiles politely at me and says “Hi”

He doesn’t remember me!I don’t know who to thank for this small blessing. Zviko interrupts my train of thought .”Well, I have heard good things about you and I am excited to finally meet you in person”

Apparently, this guy could act or he has amnesia .”Yeah.Same here.”  I smile.Now, this is the part I tell you that this guy promised me on the last day of school that he was going to make more money than me.I hate to break your hearts, my dear friends -he is a pilot and I have a 9-5 job that pays less than his.  At this point in my life, I don’t know whether I should slaughter a chicken to my ancestors or join the church choir *sob*.

Till next time …….

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