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My One-Night Stand Turned Out To be Casper the Friendly Ghost

Last year , I made an unusual decision and decided to finally give that holier-than-thou church brother my number after all he had been nagging for a while .Church guys aren’t my thing ,and this guy had that my spiritual life is on fleek and a you-won’t-hear-me-drop-f-bombs kinda vibe. I was skeptical and a little bothered seeing I was the occasional church goer that sat at the back and quickly disappeared as soon as the service finished. I rarely stuck around for pleasantries and whatever they did afterwards .So I gave this tall okayish looking guy my number and so began what would be my biggest regret in a good way in a long time.

He would call every morning and evening and drop cute messages during the day and girl my dating life was heating up like New Year’s Eve. He would save me a seat in church knowing that I would be a few minutes (or thirty minutes) late to church. When we went out he would open doors for me *sigh*- I was sprung and ready for happy ever after. For someone that was used to the cookie, adjusting to the long hugs and pecks on the cheeks took a little while .But I eventually did and thought nothing could go wrong with Mr Read Your Bible  till that fateful Thursday night.

I was wearing my usual jeans and a top that showed my bosom in all its glory (I got it from my mama thank you) when he decided to show me his house. I loved his house and it was when he was showing me his room that he decided to slide into Delilah’s lair. He kissed me for the first time . Not the good boy kind of kiss but the drop-your-pants-it’s-on kinda kiss. That Thursday night we answered the call of nature and I must admit I enjoyed it thoroughly.

That beautiful night was the last I would ever see of him. He stopped calling, texting and I am pretty sure he was attending the evening service so as to avoid me. He occasionally sends the ‘hey babe’ text once a month and I am pretty sure I was just a one night stand that took a while to happen. Did I enjoy it? Hell yeah!! But where do I go from here ?

Okay, let me set the record straight .This isn’t my story ! This happened to a friend of mine who decided that I would tell it better than her .

featured Image: mad cartoon network

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