Posted in Faith Corner

Where Is My Halleluyah ?

Ever woke up and started screaming, “When will it be my turn” God? Like wake up one morning , stare at the sky with your morning breath and have a heart to heart with God only that you are screaming and crying by yourself because you not at that spiritual level where you can hear God .Ever been there?  I have been there! Nothing maddens me than someone that says “Wait your turn it will work out”. Especially when that someone seems to have cruised through life without a single hiccup or flat tire *sigh*.

Sometimes it feels like some people have to wait a while before their prayers are answered and some never get to see God slide in with that upgrade  because along the way they got tired and hungry and just decided to throw in the towel. How do you find a Halleluyah when the lazy guy on the second floor gets promoted over you? Or when the girl that slept with half the guys in the neighborhood gets married over you? Someone please tell me, how do you deal when your Halleluyah is stuck on your throat and you still look like you have been tired since 1999.

What are you waiting on God for? A husband or wife? A job? Healing? How do you keep yourself from  not losing hope ?


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