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Confessions of an Unfit Afro Queen

I’m starting to get the hang of working out religiously.

No one is more shocked than I am. I have always been a lifelong advocate of as-long-as-I-am-not-ill-I-am-healthy, I-am-too-skinny-to-workout and nothing beats binge-watching TV with popcorn, chips, biscuits, and chocolate. But everything changed when I decided to support a friend and try out the skipping challenge.  So I threw on some leggings, a tank top, and I went for it. I actually had gone out and bought a skipping rope that had a counter and of course it was pink-I wasn’t going to be caught looking like a burnt down version of myself in 60 years with a black skipping rope.

I was shocked that I managed to hit the day’s target. Maybe it was the music? Or it was my inner fitness goddess that had been awakened (LOL). But I did -the ordinary girl from the south of the Samora had skipped like a seasoned fitness instructor (minus the sweat and the aching body). Since then, I’ve been totally into it. I love that it takes less than an hour and I don’t need fancy equipment to get a workout done

Never in my wildest dream did I ever think that I would actually wake up an hour earlier to jump rope with my dog in the name of fitness. I always thought I was fit till #SkipItOffChallenge -skipping (and working out in general) will humble you.  My advice to anyone that want’s to start working out is :

Start small and increase your workout set as time progresses. Don’t push yourself hard to the point where working out makes you miserable.

Till next time.

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