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Let’s talk about that kiss

My cousin Chipochashe (not her real name -she might read my blog ) came over the other night and, she was a little late to the family gathering. We aren’t used to having the Londoner in town not that we don’t like her but we don’t really know her except for the IG pics she posts and the little bits of juicy data that the ‘oversharer’ of the family has.

She arrived in her pink heels,  black maxi skirt and LV handbag (if I wasn’t guarding my prized steak on the grill, I would have snapped pics)  and in a taxi. Now, this is what I call an entrance -trust me she wowed everybody. What followed after is going to be the topic of discussion for our family till one decides to get knocked up and bring Jimmy to the family gathering or disappear with all the drinks (my cousin Vhuso did that once).

Growing up in the southern part of Africa you seldom see people affectionate. Other than the odd hug, kiss on the cheek (if you really cool), you keep your hands or lips politely to yourself. So when the Londoner decided to greet everyone by planting a kiss on everyone’s lips, we were not only surprised but a little less shocked than our great-grandparents who seemed like they were watching a bad horror movie they were starring in.

I am pretty sure the grandparents are still talking about it and we haven’t stopped joking about it in the family app group not that it’s funny but oh well, what can we do. Maybe I am a little bit black not black-ish like everyone else but how do you kiss your great grandparents on the lips and expect them not to be shocked and thrown off the bus of sanity without a helmet or any safety gear.

FYI: I still can’t get over the fact that we all had a little red lipstick on our lips (hahaha)

Do you kiss your great-grandparents on the lips? Are yours cooler than mine?

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about that kiss

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    It’s like we are from different sides of the Southern Hemisphere. My family is all about kissing and on the lips! I honestly cannot stand it.
    Every aunty and mama will come in for that darn kiss. Only females though not the men. That would be out of line

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