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Just another rant …..

You should really meet *her* he said. You basically love the same things and you will be obsessed with each other in no time he said.  I had no reason to doubt him, after all, I was the speak no evil, hear no evil kinda person but dayum I was taken for a ride.

The problem with riding shotgun in someone’s car is that you kinda don’t allow yourself to be who you are. You can’t eat anything least it spills on the floor and you just have to sit like a deer caught in headlights (please don’t ask me what a deer looks like in headlights, I am from Africa and all I occasionally bump into are roadrunners).

She was a melanin queen with a soft smile. Although I was a melanin queen myself I didn’t match up to this newbie. When she spoke, people were drawn to her.To everyone, she was the perfect woman and I was the Wakanda Warrior with a cold heart.  I liked her till that random afternoon when *b* got so comfy that she spilled what everyone knew except me. “You know that girl you like so much ?” “Which one?” I answered this vague statement .”This one”, she showed me on her phone. Well, what followed was to be the most heartbreaking 5 minutes of my life.

So my ‘friend’ had been speaking trash about me and that was hurtful. I didn’t know why someone would be so comfortable roasting me in my absence and still be able to sleep at night. To make matters worse he thought I  needed exorcism as she was the perfect woman. And I wasn’t! I have never confronted her because she will always reign supreme over me.

I will never get how people sleep at night after having roasted someone and show up in that girl’s DM’s pretending to like them. One day, I hope to tell you I know what you said about me and see your face. But the biggest clap back will be you watching me glow up ……

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