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Could Vinegar Be Bae?

Am I the only one that calls on vinegar when push comes to shove? Can I see some hands *LOL*  Vinegar is that teacher that humbles you and makes you instantly fall in love with them when they start dishing out facts you didn’t know *sigh*. Vinegar is that always on the dial when it comes to natural cleaning -it will disinfect and eliminate odours. Here are 3 ways to use vinegar…

  1. White vinegar can kill weeds in your garden. Bye, Bye Weeds! Put it in a spray bottle and spray away the weeds from your yard.
  2. It can revive your sweaters. Add a few cups (the lid cup size) of vinegar to rinsing water to make a sweater fluffy and new.
  3. Add to salads -it adds a little flavour to your greens

image: firstcryparenting




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