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So he passed gas ………

It’s time to face the truth. Everyone passes gas. Yes Thandie, even Hazard.

But when your inflated balloon decided to release some air with no push notification mid-dinner with Bae’s family it’s time to subscribe to your church’s midweek prayers. Shit gets real too fast. Literally.  Nicknames are born that exact moment, emoji messages are sent to the family group and you contemplate jumping out the window and skipping dessert.

This is what happened to my friend’s bae the first night he decided to join his soon to be family for dinner. Uhmm he should have mentioned that certain foods make him gassy but nope he didn’t like a shy Mukwasha ( son-in-law) he powered through.  I don’t know if he felt it coming or he thought he was going to make it to the bathroom in time -what we all know is he farted.

It is said he asked to excuse himself and the next thing everyone remembers was the doting fiance and soon-to-be-son-in-law hitting a C-sharp for two minutes straight 🙉🙊 (my source could be exaggerating, I need to sharpen my journalism skills😂). Gosh, that must have been embarrassing. He never made it to the toilet and thus he sat down to a  table full of shocked faces.  We got to give him kudos for making it through to dessert after giving a stellar performance.  Not everyone can handle the stinking truth.

I believe that at that moment their relationship (my friend and Gassy Gabriel (that’s the popular name going around the family group btw) ) relationship took a whole 360 turn. I am not a relationship coach so can’t exactly pinpoint what this means for them but I have mad respect for a guy that powers through a whole dinner and dessert (probably he is going to cancel the Christmas family event) after that stinkin’ spicy performance.

What’s left is for that wedding to happen and wait for whoever has the guts to talk about ‘the incident’  or call him ‘Gassy Gabriel” in his face. So friends take notes from this guy, passing gas is NORM and one should not be apologetic if it happens  (should we be?). I seriously wonder what went through the in-law’s mind that moment bummer we will never know.

featured image : teenvogue

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