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5 TV Shows I Am Watching This Week

Today I am sharing 5 tv shows that I happen to be watching or binge-watching this week and it also happens to be # WorldTVDay so yippee yay!

“Stranger Things”

Millie Bobby Brown stars as Eleven on “Stranger Things.” Netflix
Stranger things follow the story of a superpowered young girl and a small town under siege by mysterious forces. It’s so addictively good.

“The Big Bang Theory”

Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment/ABC a caption
I love  Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper (kinda!) . Every episode is so good and addictive. Geeks are so cool in 2018 and BBT is proof.

“Grey’s Anatomy”


From the funny Karev to Chief Bailey, Greys’s Anatomy has been schooling me on all things medicine and life. I should have gone to Medical school fam.

“This Is Us”

Image result for this is us
Tv Guide

OMW! This is us is a tear-inducer but I am not complaining. It’s so addictive and real!


Image result for manifest
Digital Spy

This tv show will encourage you to say a little prayer and to hug your loved ones before you get on a plane. Imagine getting on a plane in 2018 and arriving in 2025 -mindblowing right?

Feel free to recommend a TV show you want me to watch


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