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Looking for sanity series : Lies I Told My Counselor

I was one of those people that incessantly lied through her teeth Everytime my counselor asked me how I was doing .

‘I have been doing very well ma’am ,I am even getting enough sleep’ I would say with the daringness of an unashamed grown ass woman.

I was ashamed to tell her that I was struggling and I was sad . If depression was a nude Mannequin , I had no choice in my head but to dress it up and put lipstick on it . Telling her the truth was like running across town naked -too daring,too weird and definity not cute.

Now the problem with dressing up the truth is that ,you are the one that gets hurt. I think somewhere along the ride , she figured I was selling her a story and she decided to confront me and dare me to be brave.

That was the most liberating session we ever had. I finally was ready to get healing and to laugh like a gap toothed two year old with a mouth full of candy.

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