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#RealTalk: Rejection be trippin’

I slammed my bedroom door, sat down on the cold floor and cried. Yet again, my heart had been broke and like an unprepared farmer the rain had shown up before I could plant my crop. Rejection is like a hailstorm, one moment it’s sunny and the next moment you are drenched and feeling sorry for yourself.

I was a daughter of a King and all things work together for those that love God and thus I wasn’t expecting rejection. You know when you pay your tithes and show up to church every Sunday and kiss babies feet and expect a hassle free life… uhmm I’ve been there.

I fell in love with guy that shipped himself to Brisbane the moment he discovered that we could be serious, I applied to a job that I never got and have been rejected by people, jobs and places. But it is in the middle of feeling sorry of myself that God showed me the light.

1. God directs your feet

Geez all those times I have been rejected, God has stepped in with an upgrade.

2. Rejection is not the worst thing to happen you.

Being rejected sucks but God always holds you and comfort you.

3. You’re not running out of time

I know it sometimes feels like life is passing you by but calm down and know it’ll all be good, life isn’t a race.

Don’t despair.

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