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Day 4 : Becoming

I am a huge fan of Michelle Obama if I am being honest. How could I not when we have things in common 😂 like we both love dogs and we are both friends with Oprah (me and Oprah are friends  in my head).

So when I heard she was writing a book I almost peed on myself with excitement😂  *shhh* .I loved this book so much because it really was a good read.

The book is so surprisingly candid  and granularly detailed that it allows readers to feel exactly what Michelle herself felt at various moments in her life. From the moment she met Barack ,to the moment her dad dies 😭 to moving to the white house -you will feel every emotion as if you were right there when it happened.

She also talks about Let’s Move with so much passion that you reach for the salad bowl instead of a box of doughnuts . This book captures your heart from the first page and illustrates exactly why Michelle Obama is so deeply loved.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good book to add to their collection.



2 thoughts on “Day 4 : Becoming

  1. Thank you for this beautiful review. I am currently reading this and it’s hard to put it down. Can’t help but compare her childhood with mine. Different worlds, I tell you.


  2. Michelle did a fantastic job on this. No lies, no pretense. Just telling it like it is. Sometimes we take things for granted…like being free to make your own cup of tea. Amazing book


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