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To The One I Loved

Once upon a time, I actually loved you ( I still do, I think) and maybe you did ( just for a while) till I overstayed my welcome and started writing your grocery list in glitter.

The realization hit me one day that I was no longer needed. I tried to deny it but my heart knew what my brain knew- we were sold out in the care department.

Sometimes when you were not looking I would stare at you looking for a little hint of like – love was no longer there except a little pity maybe. Sometimes when you were knee-deep in a rant, I would look at you and wait for that warmness I was accustomed to but it never came.

I tried for a little while, tried to be funny, a little smarter and a little cuter but you still walked past me. You were gone and once again the traveling sole had to pack up and leave.

I surely didn’t want a broken string that I had fixed with my dog-like devotion and cheesy habits hanging around me out of pity rather than utmost admiration and deep like. I wanted you to come in like a wrecking ball, tear down walls and tell me a joke that I would find hilarious even when it’s not, but we never get what we want, do we?

I don’t know where broken hearts go or I would go there. I know I can’t stay here, I am all maxed out. I made you laugh for a while, cried with you for a bit, talked your ears off and loved you for a season.

Someone once told me that I was a rainbow – I only appeared after a gloomy day and I would brighten up any day and give a little hope and then just like that I would be forgotten.

I laughed at that description – I was worth loving. I ain’t Superman but a damsel that needs a little loving 😂 But they were right, now I am nothing more than someone you used to know. I tried to hold your hand but you shook me off-now I embarrass you.

I wish I could pack up and completely erase you but I ain’t that lucky. You will in the near future call me and not to check up on me but to find out if I ever made it out of that small town.

What do you do when someone just doesn’t care anymore?

This was inspired by a conversation with Jughead

featured image:fast company





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