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Day 12: Of Speeches & Laughter

I bet you’re expecting a tell-all story about my hike to Kilimanjaro, or perhaps a tale about me speaking at the UN headquarters on Girl’s education

Maybe even a shocking recount of me walking in on my doting boyfriend pants down with his best friends?

I’m sorry to disappoint, but none of those are my experiences.  My best experience in 2018 involved children, laughter and black jeans. I had never been invited to speak to a group of people before ( I ain’t that interesting), so when I was invited to speak at a Career day I laughed so hard -because nobody ever invited me to talk about anything (even my doting dog).

I am extremely shy in person and thus I was a little scared to stand in front of children (high school students can be brutal) and talk about myself. Talk about what really? I wasn’t that interesting -so I thought. I arrived at Melfort school and gave the best 15 minutes of my life and inspired a group of children. I had a great time because to me success is when you can make a child laugh and believe in themselves.

I had not prepared a speech because I am one of those people that just WING it when it comes to matters of the heart and my passion included. I wasn’t selling a dream (or was I) but I was speaking from the heart. I ended up talking about my love of reading, the importance of girls staying in school (that aroused the murmur of boys ) and also had to field the “Are you a feminist” question and of course the are you MARRIED question.

I had the best time of my life because nothing makes me feel better than spending time conversing with children and sharing a good laugh. Also,it was the day that I discovered fear is just in your head if you believe in yourself you truly can do anything.

I wonder where next I will speak at😜



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