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Day 18: I came back from point-of-no-return

I travelled to Domboshawa on a short (felt like a long), two-hour kombi ride from Harare, with the #3mobGirls. (I’ll be posting about logistics of Domboshawa- how to get there, is it traditionally acceptable to wear black, what about the money- all of that fun stuff when I become a travel blogger, but long story short, it’s not that expensive to visit Pasichigare)
We had so many bus stops along the so we kinda arrived a little late ,maybe around 1ish. I was a little nervous about this trip because of all of those stories of people disappearing and never being found (me and my loud mouth was freaking out). We were welcomed warmly by the tour guide Tendai who was just a bundle of joy and he wasted no time and invited us to embark on our first hike.

Initially it was easy, we climbed just a few metres and were shown the places where people were executed back in the day *ouch* and then climbed our first mountain.




It was a challenge (darn my out of shape body) but it was so fun. Reaching the peak was the highlight of my day (like Mama I Made It), although I was having an Edmund Hillary moment coming down was a difficult task. I am thankful for the brave police officer for holding my hand (blackish Edmund Hillary could not get down).

My favourite moment was point of no return which was a test instead of an activity-my fear of heights was crashed, my fears of confined spaces was brought to book and my trust skills were put to the test. As I write this, I truly can say that sometimes it needs a bus ride to see how far you will go before you can truly say you are brave.

Book below and have a good time 👇IMG_20181218_114433

Do you think I can climb Mt Kilimanjaro in the coming years? Should I be a travel blogger?😂

featured image captured by Cee

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