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Feminism and Other Concerns My Mother-In-Law will have

I don’t think I am alone when I say that having a mother-in-law that loves you and respects you is the ultimate blessing the in-laws can give you when you get married. I never think about my wedding day or what kind of mother I will be (like constantly) but it kinda hit me that eventually when I do get that ring Y’all I would have to explain myself (kinda) on some things. So I came up with a list of concerns that my mama will have:

  1.  “My daughter-in-law is a feminist! She probably loud and rude” 

Now, this would be hard to brush off because I am loud naturally and it’s not my fault. I can’t explain away me being a feminist because I will always stand with and for women (Amandla!).

2.  “She can’t afford anything?” 

I am a tree hugger and so occasionally I will be rocking some eco-friendly products like hello we need to look after our environment-we only have one home.

3. “Girl eats like she been starving since 2000” 

Respect the tum mama! I like to snack and I am unapologetic about my love for food.

4. “Why is she talking to the dog?”

…coz she is the dog whisperer

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