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Day 24: Anci’s Christmas Gift Guide

It’s Christmas Eve and officially just a few hours before Christmas and in case you are doing last minute shopping (which I am guilty of sometimes) here is my gift guide.

For the one that loves her hair


If she’s always complaining about her hair (like all the time), a new straightener might be what she needs. Cheers to good hair days ahead!

For the organizer 

happiness planner

They probably the most organized person you know, so get them a diary or a planner and keep them organized in 2019. Whether she’s an organizing pro or a little teeny bit organized, give her a gift that helps keep everything together.

For the sports addict

CBS sport

Take their fandom to the next level with a personalised tee or sweater of their favourite team.

For the fitness freak 


Uhmmm just head over to a fitness shop and grab sneakers (if you can afford) or better yet get them a gym subscription (if they been dying to hit the gym)

For the bookworm


Nothing makes a bookworm more excited than a book by their favorite author.

For the aspiring chef


Cravings 2 is out, so do the thang.

Stuck on a gift idea? Comment below and I will try to help (fingers crossed)

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