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Being Unemployed & Broke

Nothing irks me than someone that invites me to things or events that I can’t afford LOL especially when I am not employed. Maybe it’s not a wise move to announce to the stranger behind you in the supermarket that you are unemployed but then again it’s 2019 and I promised total honesty (sometimes!). I can’t help not telling you because I am an over-sharer and also because if someone is in the same boat with me, they need to know that someone understands and probably has a life jacket (an extra one).

It’s been over six months since I dropped my book bag, and signed off higher education for good😏 (Mama I mean for a while), and I haven’t been called to a single interview or gotten the classic ” We have received your application” email.

Being unemployed and broke is a level six traumatic experience and if I am being honest at this rate, I would sign up for The Hunger Games just to taste the good life. It’s so depressing to walk past shop windows or sale signs because there is absolutely nothing you can afford. Even the dollar juice bottle becomes a once a year indulgent that you look forward too😭.

Don’t get me started on how you feel when your friends with jobs invite you to lunches and it feels like the Devil is tryna tempt you but you want to kneel down and say ” Lord Give Your child Miracle Manna”. Trust me when I say,  you order the cheapest thing on the menu because uhmm you can’t afford bottled water.

I wish I could tell you that it gets easy and you will suddenly wake up affording a garden flat, a chihuahua and Jimmy Choo. All I can say is that one day the stars will align and in the meantime keep refining your skills, keep applying and keep praying.

One day, we will bump into each other and share a cup of coffee because uhmm cheers to employment right!?




5 thoughts on “Being Unemployed & Broke

  1. Awww sending you a warm hug Anci. I know you’ve heard it all before but trust me it will all be made beautiful in the end. Don’t give up just yet, keep applying especially to the places you would want to work. I remember sending an application to Econet every single month for an entire year until they called me for an interview. (I didn’t get a job) but they sure took note of my numerous attempts.
    Don’t feel bad for accepting the lunch dates, sometimes your friends mean well and truly want to spoil you. Enjoy the little pleasures.
    Now that you’ve put it out there we will keep an ear open for you incase something comes up. Message me and let me know what you’re looking for exactly job wise.


  2. Girl you need to let me know when you get that job so that we can celebrate together. I graduated last year in November and life has not been as smooth as I expected it to be but thank God that I have managed to make half way through 2019. I thought depression would be the end of me but God is greater, I am on the path to healing. Amen. We shall overcome.

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