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Letters from A’s past,present and future Part A

Hey Anci

I almost said Dear Anci but I figured it would seem cliche. But then again you watch Hallmark movies, wear minion pajamas 😂 and use emojis in real life too (like who does that though?)

You probably wondering what in the name of everything with bacon is going on -I would to if I was naive as you are. I am A past and I avoided saying the G word of pasts because you grew up to be a coward and level 9 screamer.

To be honest, we kinda miss the old you. Back then, you were quiet (where did that loud mouth come from?), you were well read -girl you practically stayed in the library, you were picky and you still are.

I wish back then you had played more and read less (where are your childhood friends?), climbed more trees (bruised knees are healthy) and appreciated your smile before it became croocked.

You were a ray of sunshine and sometimes you are but its not the same.

I wish we had laughed more, ate more and lived.

With love

A from the past 

(Featured image cheap cookie cutter)

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