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Letters from A’s past,present and future Part B

Hey Anci 

I don’t have to introduce myself since we know each other already but girl I need to call you out on a few things.

1. You need to stop second guessing yourself! What’s the deal with that? You ought to believe in yourself more.

2. Selfcare is important! When last did you run a bath , sip wine , do your nails and got a good massage? You only get one life Anci don’t mess it up.

3. Geez girl, can you at least say yes to showing up for events that go past your bedtime. When you 60 you can sleep in and no one can give a hoot.

4. I am tired of seeing you hate your body , make fun of your smile and not take time to appreciate how pretty you are. You can sulk when you have wrinkles (if you ever get them).

Please remember that TODAY’s choices will shape tomorrow.

With Love

A from the present 






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