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Letter’s from A’s past,present and future Part C

Hey Anci

I would tell you what year I am from, but then you would stop living to the fullest and wait for that year to slowly show up and miss out on the lessons, laughter, and loss on the way.

I am so proud of the person you have become, the person God used for his glory and the person that laughed when everything else screamed cry.  You never did become a faithful marathon runner but you ran a couple and for that girl well done. I can’t tell you, it was easy but it wasn’t.

You did finally get that Hey from Jlingz, played in the snow and actually cried when you saw the Eiffel Tower. You did it, girl! I might be writing this letter to you slouched on a couch watching reruns of Blackish while caressing your huge baby bump while reaching out for extra sauce. Please note, I said might LOL.

I can’t wait to meet you in a few when you have walked down the aisle (shhhh), had a few babies, played with the dogs, closed a few deals and hiked Mt Kilimanjaro (now that was for humor.

Till we meet

With Love

A from the future

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