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5 Signs, You’re finally an Entrepreneur

Disclaimer: read this post with caution and a pinch of humor

So I sat down with a slice of red velvet cake (yummy) one day and asked myself the “am I really an entrepreneur question?” I mean like what exactly shows if you are one? What habits clearly scream “entreprenur”? Well I came up with a few signs that may or may not scream girlboss.

1. Eyebags and Constant Yawning is a norm.

When you just starting a business, you can’t afford to sleep for 8 hours. There is always something to do and sleep becomes a luxury you so need that is priced higher than those Jimmy Choos.

2. Eating out becomes more expensive than a two day trip to Paris.

3. You pull a muscle from just sprinting after the bus from all that sitting. 

4. The thought of getting a printer or a chair makes you excited.

5. You have your bank’s number on speed dial.

Hope you enjoyed!




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