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What I Learned When My Blesser Dumped Me

I did everything humanly possible not to be dumped.

I cooked sticky honey wings with jollof rice every Sunday to stay in his good books, went to Church and paid my dues, never disagreed with the man but dude woke up one morning and decided to dump me.

“It’s time to be an adult Anci,” he said. “You need to be responsible for yourself,” he said without missing a beat. “It’s time to be a big person”. Like seriously, how can a 1.5m person be a whole adult 😂?

I was still an ugly duckling waiting to be a swan when my dad decided I needed to be an adult.

I was unemployed (still partially unemployed) and not street smart like a human-sized North of the Samora Chihuahua. How did he expect me to look after myself when I didn’t have a job and a savings of sorts?

I had to hustle if I still wanted to pop into Gelato here and there. Nothing motivates a girl to hustle than scrolling through IG and drooling at perfectly baked chicken and glowing skin ( where my glo up at?) I tell you but through it all, I learned some valuable lessons and lucky for you I am spilling the tea.

1. You don’t need to lose your hairline when you can’t afford something. Good things eventually come when you SAVE. I am not a repetitive POSB ad but SAVING can make a difference.

2. Hustle Hard like you have twelve kids at home waiting for you to feed them. Either go big or go home and take a nap in your mama’s house and feel sorry for yourself.

3. MONEY is not everything if you are lonely. Don’t forget to hang out with your family and friends.

Till next time loves❤

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