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What To Expect When Your Friend Is Expecting

My friend expecting is the only good thing that has happened to me or us in a while. You would think I would be posting baby shower ideas (will get to that) but nope. I think someone should write about what happens when your friends expecting.

1. You start having cravings

I kid you not. It’s like you expecting and hormonal but you are not, you are just hungry too. What better way to hide your food problems than joining your pregnant friend on breakfast, lunch and dinner dates.

2. You become motherly

Seriously, what’s with all the concerns. The girl was a hockey captain, triple jump champion and cross country star so I am pretty sure she can lift a 2kg packet of sugar.

3. You start wanting a baby

Who moved my ovaries? 😂Whoever is messing with me please stop.

4. You become competitive

Like, am I still your favorite friend? Do you love me still?

5. You become a good person

You stop swearing so the baby/babies don’t hear or feel the negative energy radiating from their soon to be cool aunt.

6. You become a pregnant expert

Didn’t you all just Google pregnancy facts?





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