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The No.2 Dilemma

Hello, it’s me (not Adele) but just a regular human who has survived a few days of drastic power cuts *sigh *. I now have a renewed sense of appreciation of the power of electricity *Viva Magetsi (electricity)*  but if it wasn’t for these power cuts, I wouldn’t be blogging about this dilemma.

I got to chat like a normal human being minus emoji’s, gifs and a keyboard I had to endure the agony of listening to someone talk about how her man does a number 2 door opened and chatting like he is stuck on loop.  I had so many questions. Doesn’t it bother you? It doesn’t smell? What kind of conversations do you even have with someone excreting who knows what?

I never got to ask these questions because she clearly wasn’t bothered by the arrangement but I was. How come he closed her door when she was excreting? So in my head they probably had their Number 2 talk like this:

“Babe, do you love me?”
“What?” she said, slightly taken aback. “Of course I do. I love all of you”
“I love you too, babe,” he said, then added, “I like to do my Number 2 with the door open deep in conversation with you love”

She probably was shocked and then got over it.  I really don’t think I would be able to watch a grown man excrete while we talk World Peace. Would you be able too? Sound off below and let’s talk.

Featured image: Tenor

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