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Babysitting Einstein

Last night, I was babysitting my favorite boy when he suddenly stopped paying attention to Spongebob titled his head and looked at me as if Barney had suddenly shown up in the living room. He gave me a good two-minute stare down and suddenly blurted out “Does Spongebob live in my mother’s bikini bottom?”

Um, big questions, Ano!

If you had been nearby, you would probably have picked up my jaw from the floor. In my head, I was sighing repeatedly “oh shucks”. Now, how could I answer that and not look stupid like seriously? Luckily, he forgot about it and we munched on some homemade fries and gravy.

Here are a few more that Ano has busted out lately:

  1. Why does gogo give me more biscuits?
  2. Will God send me food with birds if I pray hard?
  3. Who is playing with the baby if he is in mummy’s stomach?
  4. Why do I have five fingers when Tadiwa has 1 big one?

What are some of the questions your bundle of joy has been asking?

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