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When Cupid’s Arrow Is So Messed Up

Confession: I am in a heated war with Cupid. Like seriously what ‘s wrong with that fella or lass ( I am woke so relax guys before you come at me)? Lately, he has been firing really crooked arrows or it’s just me and for the really dramatic, there is probably a shadowhunter wiping every ‘dementor’ in your path and if that’s the case well let’s carry on, shall we.

Breakups suck especially when your heart was in it (or wallet) and trust me when I say they are really painful ( whose crying?). So here are the 4  breakups  Cupid’s arrows have caused because they misdirected and hightailed on the highway lost and chose the first human it stumbled on.

1. We Are Not Sure If We Are Really Done Breakup.

You break up, you tell everyone, you cry, you freak out, you delete them from all social media … an then they reach out again. Or you call them. And you’re talking again. And rekindle the old flames. They mess up and you remember why you dumped him in the first place and you break up with him. Then it starts all over again…

2.  Asked Out In Person Dumped On Text Breakup

Maybe you just went out with them once or twice and they turned out to be super boring or really creepy but if you have been dating for over a year, do the right thing. Nobody wants to deal with 45 messages on how messed up they are or it’s just me again.

3. The Face-To-Face  Wow This Is Really Happening Breakup.

This is the most painful breakup. Like does pizza still taste the same after? One of you might cry and even if there is no crying, there is some serious awkwardness going on.

FYI: After you dump someone don’t leave them with the bill smh

4. The Ghost Call Pastor Breakup

You went out a few times, talked all the time (like 3000 messages a week?) and then all of a sudden they just stop talking to you and they disappear from your life and you start to believe you were dating a ghost and maybe you should get help.

Sending hugs to all those heartbroken today.



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