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HariYaHumba: Yummy Ways To Eat Granola

Cereal shopping has become so stressful that you need to have mobile data for a quick browsing sesh because the variety on that aisle is extra. Yesterday, I had to spend a good fifteen minutes on one aisle weighing my options because hmm what’s the difference between muesli and granola🤔 ( you can relate?). Let’s cut to the chase, I know that you know that I picked Granola (LOL) and kudos to you for being so smart.  But if you are like my cousin (love you cuz) you have no idea how you should eat granola (I so get you) because duh it has oats in it so you are kinda confused whether you boil it (I am not judging) or you should go ahead and snack 😟 . So don’t worry, I am sharing ways you can eat your granola like the badass you are.

Breakfast Ideas

1. Milk: Similarly to any other cereal just pour milk over your granola and you good to go (even handle your devil wears Prada boss). I use Dendairy low-fat milk for mine because I have the most selective tummy*eye roll*. Your milk can be hot or cold!

2. Yogurt and Fruit: Mix granola with yogurt and fresh fruit for a yummy treat.

3. Peanut Butter: If you are lactose intolerant, you can replace your milk with peanut butter( choose Amandla Brands) and enjoy.

Snack-Time Ideas

  1. On-the-go treat: Portion your granola into a small lunchbox and eat as and when you feel hungry
  2. Homemade Granola Bars: Heat honey, sugar, and butter on the stove pour over your homemade granola, bake for 30 minutes, and cut into mini squares
  3. The Wild and Hungry Mix (I am so copyrighting this): Combine granola clusters, nuts, dried fruit and you can even add some chocolate pieces into it ( I am such a fan of dark chocolate).


Baking Ideas

You can add granola to your favorite cookie or muffin recipe. The ingredients in your granola can add fiber and protein to your baking.

Dessert Ideas 

  1. You can simply mix granola into yogurt, add some berries of your choice, and honey to top it all off. I eat and enjoy both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt.  I don’t really have a preference, to be honest. If you are so brave ( I know that you are) you can substitute your yogurt for ice cream.
My Granola Essentials

How do you take your granola? Let’s chat

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