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“I Thought I Was Honourable, But Church Almost Ruined Me”

I had been a faithful churchgoer for two years when…

…the youth church board elected me to join the Youth Committee. Actually, they told me that I was the right person for the job and that I had been voted in by the youths in the church.

When I was introduced to the rest of the church as part of the youth board, you would have thought I was Barack Obama accepting the US Presidency but nope, I wasn’t even close to being the most loved or talked about human being. I was just a normal human being with a notebook and a calculator.

Nobody told me that my reign would be for three years and I would begin to hate my post. Power corrupts and the church is not an exception! ( I felt like I had to say that). I went from a normal benchwarmer who minded her own business to someone everyone wanted to greet and take selfies with during Youth Camps. I loved the role I had been given but I hated how I went from being “hey anci” to “afternoon ma’am” (when did I suddenly age?).

I became instantly famous when I refused to seat with the other committee members but chose to seat with everyone else. To them, it was a power move and I was gunning for the Youth Chairman post and so they got me removed from the committee for insubordination. When I got that call, I almost said a few choice words (but I am saved y’ all)  so I didn’t. I am back to ‘hey anci’ and a few people occasionally wave at me if they are feeling nice that day but to everyone else I am dead.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong in church? Do people change when they get a position in church?

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