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So, This Why I Am Not A Successful Travel Blogger

In the interest of oversharing being honest, I have decided to share why I am not a successful travel blogger (in case you are interested). I don’t really need you to feel sorry for me (just yet) but if you can relate I have a kettle on the stove and cookies in the oven (hurry before the electricity goes!) just for you. I have always wanted to travel and document my journey for my kids and my self of course. And yeah, I had forgotten about it all till someone sent me images of them in Bali *double sigh*. Oh, Bali! So here’s my honest (but hilarious) take on why I am not a successful travel blogger.

  1. “I am not that hilarious cool kid with 124k followers”

Before you lose your mind and tell me that numbers don’t matter please stop. It’s all in the follower’s friend. I once posted a picture of me on top of a mountain (dayum I made that hike y’ all) to only get 45 likes so um pretty sure I got 45 because I threw in a few hashtags.

2. ” I am still waiting for Huawei’s customer service response”

Everyone knows that travel bloggers take the most amazing pictures and my phone ain’t about that life. For me to take breathtaking pictures of even the sunset I need to call somebody with an iPhone to come through LOL.

3. “I am still waiting to win the lottery”

To travel one needs money and I just don’t have that money (yet) to hop from plane to plane. I even have to plan for a week to go to Bulawayo even and be the judge and jury in my mind if the trip is even worth it.

4. ” I don’t have a book deal”

When I travel I want to write a book about it and possibly make it into a movie (LOL) like Elizabeth Gilbert. Someone has to read about how I ate, prayed and loved (mostly ate) around the world. This whole point is absolutely bonkers 😂

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