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4 Dating Questions My Pastor Is Yet To Address

I am a Christian(felt I needed to say that) and I am crazy about Jesus and Junk food (like super crazy). I hope that first statement doesn’t make you feel like I am about to preach because I am not. I just have a few questions ( or am I ranting?) that my pastor is yet to address…and I felt obliged to give my 2 cents (LOL)

Are you still waiting for marriage if you self pleasuring?

Y’all need to let me see the light because somebody took my light bulb. If you are saving yourself why you gotta self pleasure and I do beg (like my hands are clasped together) also please do not give them weird names like Chocolate Darcy *gasp*

If you are sexual you can’t be a Christian?

I don’t know about y’all but me and David ain’t that different. If I was to see my male Bathsheba bathing in the full glory of the heavens I wouldn’t be able to look away. My heart knows its wrong but my body is weak! Looking and feeling some typa way is normal (right!?) like God gave us desires but he didn’t say act on every feeling. You could be two Christians dating and waiting but if we being honest one day its gonna rain and you going to want to be ravished in the rain (think notebook scene) and that’s normal. No need to go to confession every time your body calls.
I have to be boring because I am a Christian?

Really guys!? I am yet to meet someone who thinks Little Big Town sucks. Christians go bowling too, watch movies, do Manis, hmm, hello we are hella funny too.

Will it be wrong if I told him/her I don’t want to date them?

Okay! You don’t have to love spinach because somebody does (is that like a rule?). You are allowed to say ‘NO’ to dating someone and still be an amazing human being. The good book does say ‘love one another as yourself’ but it doesn’t say love every man that comes into your life asking you out.

What questions do you have that your pastor is yet to address?


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