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#WinterABC Day 1: Three Reasons Why

Hello. It’s me

I was wondering if you had missed me as I missed you. It’s been ages since we last talked –and just had to say hello Adele-style.

In case you ever unsubscribed my name is Anci 👑 and I am stoked you picked up my call😎. If you never left, I am still crazy about you.

So here is a quick life update:

I signed up for the AfroBlogger Winter Blogging Challenge because of three reasons only:

1. I can’t go on vacation and bungee jump so this challenge is the closest thing to bungee jumping I will do all winter long. If we are being honest life is more fun when you get out of your comfort zone right!?

2. Maybe people will start remembering my name 😏I am sure no one remembers my name when they talk about influential bloggers. This challenge could be my shot at blog fame.

3. To become better at budgeting 😉 . If I can’t budget my data how else will I be able to read all my favorite blogs? This could spill over to excellent budgeting skills which will help me save a dollar and stop me from being broke 5 days a week.

With that said, Cheers to 30 Days ☕🍩




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