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#WinterABC Day 2 |Wake Me Up Only If I Am Snoring

I have a dream but unlike Martin Luther King my dream might be a little selfish or totally nuts. The Good Lord knows I have a vision board of the life I have always wanted and praised the heavens God has a sense of humour because some of my prayer requests are humorous.

In my dream life ( please don’t wake me up) I am :

1. A serial vacation taker

Think Paris, Bali, Greece, Barcelona and Thailand 😊 *sigh*. I am one of those people that want to pack up for Christmas and see the world and drink coffee (and have as many doughnuts as I wish)

2. A Google Employee.

3. Debt free.

I hate bills but I hate debt even more. I absolutely don’t want to be in debt even if it’s a $1. I want to own a house (uhmm hello dream kitchen)

4. An award-winning entrepreneur

5. Rarely sick πŸ’ͺ

I never want to be sick! Have you ever coughed so hard you think you about to cough out your lungs?

6. Bestselling author & Cook show hostΒ 

One day I will write a cookbook for the lazy but rather watch TV all day type people (like me) that doesn’t tell you to quit Burgers πŸ˜‚ Also is Masterchef looking for a host?

7. Married & A Mom

Yep, I can see that rock on my finger y’all and two cute babies.

8. I am a Forbes, Bona Magazine & True Love Cover girl (just had to slide this in for a little laugh).

9. I am a podcaster!

How cool will that be? I think I am awesome

10. Still a good person.

At the end of it, I want to be kind, respectful and crazy about Coffee and Jesus

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