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#WinterABC Day 4 |Confessions Of A Talented (Not So Much) Coconut

This is one of those posts that you wish no one reads and starts seeing you differently but well honesty is the name of the game. Here are three things I wish I did well….

1. Knit

As weird as this may sound, I wish my knitting was a ten and not a two. Winter is here and it’s so ridiculous that scarves are going for 25USD (or am I just too broke). I don’t want to freeze to death but at this rate we are one week away from freezing.

2. Pray

I want a prayer life that’s LIT and not a senseless song. You know the prayer life where you know that everytime you kneel you about to handle your business. I don’t want to be that woman that doesn’t read her Bible 362 days a year

3. Do makeup…

Everytime I try to do my makeup its suddenly Halloween in July 😂😂like who brought the boogeyman out of hiding. I hate makeup but I really need to be an expert at this just because..

Drop your confessions below and let’s chat..

5 thoughts on “#WinterABC Day 4 |Confessions Of A Talented (Not So Much) Coconut

  1. I once got a prize for knitting lol I was aged 12 and our home economics teacher demanded everyone participate … so yeah I can knit a scarf and matching booties, scarfs are 25USD I sitting on bag lol


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