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5 Signs You Need New Friends

Can I just clap hands for all those that have kept their friends from kindergarten up to now? Y’all are the real deal. Sometimes we just hold on to people because we are too old to make new friends or we just can’t see that we are are truly alone in the world. Here are 5 signs you are friendless:

1. The only thing you have turned up for is your church braai this year. Uhmm don’t get me the wrong church is lit but you know what I mean. Why haven’t your friends invited you over for lunch, brunch or a sleepover?

2. The only friend texting you is Econet reminding you to download Bid Buddie. When was the last time your friends texted you? If they text once in 7 months are you even friends.

3. When you are broke you are broke! Friends will turn up with chimodho, camphor and money if you are in need. No good friend will let your skin handle the windy streets of Harare Vaseline less.

4. They miss out on all your milestones.

5. They don’t come through for you when you need them.

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