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#WinterABC Day 7: Favorite Apps

Confession: I am an APP addict!

Please don’t send help because I don’t need it (LOL), I would rather you send me a phone with STORAGE that makes sense. I have got a lot of apps on my phone (it’s so ridic) so it wasn’t easy being honest with myself by trimming 50 into 5 (I kid lol, I don’t have 50 apps). So here are my top 5:

  1. Pinterest

I am a serial pinner (LOL) and I am unapologetic about being a pinner because I am all about that life. I have found my house, my dog’s kennel and definitely not my husband there (maybe his man cave LOL).

2. YouVersion Bible 

I love the Good Lord and sometimes (90% of the time) I don’t read my bible so having a bible in my phone helps me catch up on the devotions. And I like a bible that can save my verses and bookmarks (my memory ain’t what it used to be LOL).

3.  Twitter

I love my hashtags! I love my Twitter because it takes me only less than 5 minutes to scroll through the news every 30 minutes or so. As a news junkie, I like to be kept in the loop (nosy much huh?)  and how awesome are Uber facts (I promise I am not a nerd).

4. Buzzfeed Tasty

I love to eat (fact!) and I love to cook as well (thank heavens) so I definitely am a serial tasty user.  I do however tweak the recipes to suit my dietary needs and pocket.

5. WhatsApp

The stars aligned on this app (you agree?). If WhatsApp wasn’t there, I would still be waiting to get my Christmas card from the diaspora cousin. I love that it’s convenient, fast and definitely easy to use for everyone.

PSA: This was the hardest post to write. Coming up with 5 wasn’t easy.

What are your favorite apps?