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#WinterABC Day 9 |Sold Out Blogging Masterclass with Tete Anci

Picture this (i mean tap into that imagination): I am standing in front of 100 kids wearing black jeans, a t-shirt that says “Gotham has Batman and my house has my mama”, pink sneakers (can they be puma), coffee in one hand and a mic (because i am a grown up😂). I stand staring back at them for like a minute and then the train that is my mouth begins to speak and it goes like this:

” I don’t know whether I should say hey or just send a shoutout on Twitter. So I am going to go with my gut and say what’s up. How’s everyone this morning? With that said I came here today to talk about Blogging and you are allowed to come at me after this session (I hope not and school me)

Why you should blog?

  1. Journals are expensive and the internet is forever. You can’t lose the internet, repeatedly buy it and neither does it forget. You can decide to blog because you want to blow off steam (umm that mean girl giving you a hard time? Vent and someone will definitely relate (uhmm think friendship).

2. You can be the Mark Zuckerberg of socks. I kid you not…Blog about your passions whatever they maybe and you will definitely become the influencer of your generation.

3. You have a keyboard with no chill 😂 Come on, let’s be honest 🙈 sometimes we talk so much people forget what we said. So why not write it down (uhmm nobody cares about Global Warming in your friend group? Blog about it and meet like minded people)

4. You want to improve your writing skills

How to become an influential blogger?

  1. Be yourself! Everyone else is taken i promise 😂
  2. Follow your passions! If books is it become the best book blogger you can be.

Social media etiquette

  1. Be nice always. Your mama raised your right
  2. It cost $0.00 to support aanother blogger.

Should I start a blog?

Yes! Yes! Yes

Thank you for coming sips coffee Any questions?

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